CEO Message

Mr. Ashok Kumar Rai, a young entrepreneur with long vision is the founder Rai Estates and Builders Pvt. Ltd. and Rai Estates Educational and Charitable Trust. He has been doing charities and social works for many years without expecting any fame or branding. After many years of social work he has decided to found a trust with help of his mother Mrs. Girija S. Rai and his wife Mrs. Suma A. Rai, blessed with Ridhi Rai, Pradil Rai & Sridhi Rai.

Rai Estates Educational and Charitable Trust focused to deliver scholarships and grants to poor and meritorious students, educational sponsorship, help to poor and underprivileged students, livelihood training for socially marginalized youth and financial aid to HIV affected Children and many more. The trust has over the past two years taken small but significant steps towards its vision of transforming lives through education. In the coming year the trust remains committed to educating children and youth and transforming them into powerful agents of change.

Trust has constructed 84 houses for poor people and provided free PAN card for 1800 people, conducted tailoring class and provided stitching machines for 430 poor village women, helping poor students for kidney and cancer patients. Every year 15,000 sarees are distributed to poor people by the time of Deepavali. Today, Rai Estates Educational & Charitable Trust works are supported by the income from funds provided by Rai Estates & Builders Pvt. Ltd, regular donations from family, funds generated from own sister concerns of enterprise. To help the needy and to raise their standard of living.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Rai